My studio

 *Welcome to my Studio*

This is my home within a home.  Since organizing my work area, I have found that my productivity and creativity have really improved.  It is a joy for me to walk into this room.  
My family and even the dog knows to look for me here.  The problem is in making myself leave to do other things. Work goes more quickly  because I don't have to hunt for things since there are dedicated spaces for tools related to types of projects.  The walls are a soothing grey as is my design wall.  The wire baskets are arranged according to fabric type and color.  It is surprising how much each basket holds.   Baskets can be pulled out about half way to  create an easel for panting or pinning on foam core boards.  Above the fabric drawers are project baskets and above that are tubs of yarn.  I have too many interests.

My thread is organized by weight and color.  The 40 wt. threads are on one wall with  the 
50 wt. and 100 wt. silk on the other.  I found that having all of my variegated trilobal thread hanging together helps me see the colors better for thread painting and sketching.  (I didn't mention the 7 drawers of threads located under my iorning surface to the right of my machine. ) 

The computer, file cabinet  and printer, which are all used quite often, are close at hand around the iorning surface. 

Across from the sewing machine is the design wall.  It keeps me focused on viewing my work from a distance.  My natural proclivity for detail can influence me too much at times and I find a better balance when I view my work upright instead of looking down on it.

On the other wall is the painting area.  I have a number of different types of coloring tools to use on paper and fabrics.  I found that an artist's taboret is the perfect way to store both painter's and sewer's implements and they can be moved about the room for use next to the design wall or the sewing machine.  The new floor is impervious to water and provides a spill-proof surface.  

My love for art quilting began 4 years ago as I began to explore watercolor painting.  I found in painting a deep connection to color with its nuances of shade and value.  When I learned that fabric and painting could be combined, I was hooked.

 The grey background on the walls provides a perfect setting for the rainbows of color throughout the room.  

Here is my studio sentinel.  He has a prime location on an air vent in front of  the north window.  He lets me know when we have visitors or squirrels.  Now that he is older he spends most of his day with his chin propped on the window sill watching me. He makes me smile!

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