Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skin Technics

                                                            More Water 4 Inspirations

These images of women going about their daily activities are compelling in their contrast to daily life in America.  Their  difficult  tasks are  accomplished with strenuous work and fundamental tools.  I was inspired to tell their stories by capturing their beauty and movements in fabric.

The Cultivator
The Water Bearer

As I approached making this series of art quilts, I found that each one required individualized technics that would add to the realism of the scene.  My first concern was to accomplish accurate skin tones.  Originally I tried to create the skin with hand dyed fabric and transparent paints.

I quickly realized that the hand dyed fabric colors were too dark to allow much value change and opaque fabric paints caused the skin to loose its translucent quality.  It was necessary to appliqué lighter fabrics on top of the dark fabrics to accomplish the skin contrasts.

My next effort started with lighter fabric and I used acrylic inks to give more of the value contrast that I wanted. This also allowed me to under paint with blues to capture some of the highlights of the skin.
The results were more satisfying but it was difficult to get the depth of color that was more natural as opposed to a water color effect.  I still used some transparent fabric paints to add definition.

The values in the hands were much more varied than in the figures.  I  wanted to convey the translucent quality of the skin but also the realism of intense colors.  My watercolor background reminded me to reserve the whites by leaving the highlights unpainted.  I found the acrylic inks could provide very deep colors by applying many layers.  In  looking for a way to represent subtile shading I used colored pencils as a last layer, even burnishing the pencils to refine the smoothness of the skin.