Art Quilt Gallery


The traditional pattern Ocean Waves serves as a             Here is another combination of traditional and 
backdrop to a Clown Fish school.  This quilt was            art quilting.  The windmill is dimensional and 
combination of traditional and art quilted ideas.                there are two photos of old homesteads.

Plum Frost"
My first art quilt.

"Nature's Perfumes"
You would be surprised how many people
miss the two different perfumes.

"Blushing Monochrome"

This quilt was a study in black and white
until the color happened.

"Miss E"


"Dare to be Different"

"Woman at the Well"

                     "Water Bearer"
Hand painted with ink and colored pencils
on hand dyed fabric commercial fabrics

Hand painted with inks and pencils on 
hand dyed fabric and commercial 

"Water 4 the World"
Led lights illuminate the water which is
composed of wool and silk roving.  The hands 
are hand painted with inks and colored pencils
appliqued on hand dyed fabric
and border is burlap.

"Oklahoma Windsong"
Hand dyed sky fabric, commercial fabrics
small touches of paint

"Jewels of Lake Como"
Group tryptic
This was a challenge quilt by a local quilt shop.  We were given a 
challenge fabric and allowed to add 20 more.  This piece was completed
in different states by 3 artists.  My panel is in the middle.

"Wild Goslings"
Free motion embroidery on the goslings
Water lilly is ink painted
small touches of fabric paints
Commercial cottons 
Angelina, net and other embellishments 

Hand painted with artist's acrylic paints
dimensional stamen
silk and Angelina bee

commercial fabric and hand drawn
 images with fabric crayons

"Coral Hibiscus"
Whole cloth hand painted

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